Is President Obama a born-again progressive?

Is Obama a born-again ProgressiveRecently President Obama is starting to sound like a progressive, giving speeches that conjure up memories of those given in 2008 when he campaigned for the presidency.  What prompted this new baptism in progressive faith?  Is Obama merely using progressive campaign rhetoric to stir up the majority of Americans who are progressives and want change in our country’s politics?

Here is a President who promised us change we could believe in as well as hope and change.  But what happened over his years in office thus far?  Nothing.  Certainly the rich got richer, with Obama immediately caving in on the extensions of the Bush tax cuts, instead offering to cut social security, medicare, and medicaid in order to reduce the resulting increase in our deficit and national debt.  And Obama never proposed that single-payer healthcare system that he promised, instead proposing Republican Governor Romney’s version of a mandated healthcare program.

And not one CEO on Wall Street was ever indicted or imprisoned for scamming the American middle class and homeowners, getting trillions in the process, and causing a depression affecting the entire world economy. 

And instead of breaking up those huge banks controlling the money in our economy, Obama through his reappointment of Ben Bernanke and the advice of Larry Summers and Timothy Geithner has continued to bail out Wall Street, resulting in the Fed supplying these Shylocks with $7.7 trillion and $700 billion in TARP monies.

And did Obama step up enforcement of Wall Street after the greatest heist in world history?  Not a chance:  enforcement of regulations have been watered down by 76%.

President Obama’s new found, born-again progressivism is merely a campaign ruse to fool the average American into voting for him once again, offering an extension of the payroll tax cut now as his big reform achievement, while Wall Street continues its control over Washington in order to continue its transfer of wealth from middle America to the 1%.

For more on Obama’s born-again progressivism, please see Cenk Uygur on President Obama’s born-again Progressivism. Obama does not walk the talk,  where a video and full transcript of Cenk Uygur’s interview of Senator Bernie Sanders on Obama’s new found progressive rhetoric is available.

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William Brighenti is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, who operates a public accounting firm, Accountants CPA Hartford, Connecticut, LLC. Bill began his career in public accounting over thirty years ago. He provides a variety of accounting, tax, and QuickBooks consulting services to individuals and business across a wide spectrum of industries. Bill writes an accounting, tax, and QuickBooks blog under the penname, "The Barefoot Accountant". William Brighenti created the blog, Connecticut Politics, because of the need for a voice to cry out loud--Vox Clamantis--explaining the reasons for the terrible state of the economy in the United States as well as urging change and reform before the United States becomes a third world country.
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