Interview of Susan Bysiewicz by the Barefoot Accountant: Inequity of Tax Laws in the United States

The United States is following the paths of Greece, Italy, Spain, Ireland, et al, accumulating more and more debt; however, even though over 70% of its citizens wish to address the $15 trillion debt by raising the highest marginal tax rate on the wealthy, the government for some reason refuses to enact such legislation.

President Barack Obama promised “change we could believe in”.  The only change I have witnessed over the past few years is the continued jingle in the campaign coffers, especially since the United Citizens Decision.  Is President Obama really truthful about change when he dines at campaign dinners with Wall Streeters asking for their contributions?  Recall that Goldman Sachs (or should we say Government Sachs) was the largest single contributor to President Obama in 2008.  Are you surprised that not one Wall Streeter was ever indicted or imprisoned for the greatest heist in the history of mankind?

Susan Bysiewicz has stated that our country has the greatest tax code that money can buy.  In part three of the Barefoot Accountant’s interview of Susan Bysiewicz, who is challenging Chris Murphy for Connecticut’s senatorial seat in the Democratic primary of 2012, presents her views on the tax inequity that presently exists in the United States.  For a transcript of the interview, visit The inequity of America’s tax laws.  Barefoot Accountant’s interview of Susan Bysiewicz, Connecticut Democratic primary candidate for U.S. Senate.  Part III of interview.


About Connecticut Politics

William Brighenti is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, who operates a public accounting firm, Accountants CPA Hartford, Connecticut, LLC. Bill began his career in public accounting over thirty years ago. He provides a variety of accounting, tax, and QuickBooks consulting services to individuals and business across a wide spectrum of industries. Bill writes an accounting, tax, and QuickBooks blog under the penname, "The Barefoot Accountant". William Brighenti created the blog, Connecticut Politics, because of the need for a voice to cry out loud--Vox Clamantis--explaining the reasons for the terrible state of the economy in the United States as well as urging change and reform before the United States becomes a third world country.
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