My email to Congressman John Larson, House Representative from Connecticut’s 1st District, on the Fiscal Cliff

Connecticut Congressman John LarsonDear Congressman John Larson, Representative from Connecticut’s 1st District:

Please do not support President Obama’s likely concession to the Republican “Grand Bargain”:  three cuts in spending for every dollar raised from “revenue enhancements”.

For $1 trillion in revenue enhancements, President Obama wants to cave into the Republicans and cut $3 trillion in spending, including social security, medicare, medicaid, and other entitlements, but sparring the military-industrial complex, which consumes 20% of our annual federal budget.

On December 31, 2012, it would be much more beneficial to the middle class to just let those Bush tax cuts expire on the wealthy, including the return of the Clinton-era tax rates of as much as 39.6% on ordinary income and 20% on capital gains as well as the removal of the special tax treatment accorded to dividend income and carried interest for billionaire hedge fund managers.

Please do not support President Obama’s allegiance to Wall Street; please support the middle class and labor:  the people who voted you into office again.

I did not vote for you to cave into Wall Street as President Obama will do once again.

Thank you,

William Brighenti, CPA

Please urge your Representative in the House and your Senators to vote for tax increases on the rich rather than cuts to social security, medicare, and medicaid.  Thank you.


About Connecticut Politics

William Brighenti is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisor, who operates a public accounting firm, Accountants CPA Hartford, Connecticut, LLC. Bill began his career in public accounting over thirty years ago. He provides a variety of accounting, tax, and QuickBooks consulting services to individuals and business across a wide spectrum of industries. Bill writes an accounting, tax, and QuickBooks blog under the penname, "The Barefoot Accountant". William Brighenti created the blog, Connecticut Politics, because of the need for a voice to cry out loud--Vox Clamantis--explaining the reasons for the terrible state of the economy in the United States as well as urging change and reform before the United States becomes a third world country.
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