Rocky Anderson, Presidential candidate of the Justice Party, to speak in Woodbridge, Connecticut on August 22, 2012

Rocky Anderson, Presidential candidate for 2012, will speak at the Winchester Restaurant & Bar in Woodbridge, Connecticut on Wednesday, August 22, 2012 on the corruption in American politics today and what you, the average American citizen can do about it.

Rocky Anderson, formerly the Democratic mayor of Salt Lake City for eight years, and a Constitutional attorney and civil rights lawyer by profession, left the Democratic party in 2011 out of disgust with its allegiance to its wealthy contributors:  that is, Corporate America and the one percent who own virtually the majority of the wealth in our nation.

Rocky is now running as an independent candidate, believing that the majority of Americans, the 99%, are looking for a leader who will represent their economic, social, and environmental interests.  Mr. Anderson believes that change in our present corrupt political system—where both political parties, Democrats and Republicans alike, are bought and paid for by the wealthy—is possible if only the American people come together, unite, and simply “will” change.

If you, like the majority of Americans, are tired of our corrupt government and truly wish to have real reform and change, and get money out of politics so that all Americans will have a voice in our government, then perhaps you may wish to attend the speaking event scheduled for Wednesday, August 22nd at the Winchester Restaurant & Bar in Woodbridge, Connecticut.  Incidentally, this speaking event won’t cost you $35,000 per plate to attend.

After all, America is your country, too…at least, the last time I looked it was.

For more information, please contact or call (860) 249-1323.

Want to know what Rocky stands for? See below and compare:

Rocky Anderson on the issues vs. Obama and Romney

The Barefoot Accountant


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